snow on seedlings

hannaframFebruary 15, 2013

hey all - sorry if this has been covered before (and it probably has but the search results are just too broad):

i have snow peas, broccoli, chard etc just starting to peep through the soil here in SE NC and the forecast for tomorrow night is snow (if it does, it will only last a few hours at best) - would i be advised to cover my seedlings or can they weather a little snow and 32 degree temperatures overnight?


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greenmulberry(5-Iowa City)

I really don't think a light dusting at 32 would hurt any of those seedlings you mention.

I have had snow peas take about a half inch of snow without complaint.

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ok, good to know - thanks! but the snow pea seedling is relatively stout - how about something that starts out tiny like spinach or lettuce?

i planted early this year, hoping to increase my yield with cool weather veggies...but i might get caught by a few more cold days. what is the lowest temp that cool weather seedlings tolerate before they should be covered?

thanks for the reply!

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I don't deal with snow, but I know freshly emerged SEEDLINGS handling any extreme is asking a lot out of them.

I'll let others chime in, but one thing you may want to do in the FUTURE is start the seeds indoors under some shoplights. An 8 week old seedling would probably handle a touch of snow without covering.


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Cover them. If for no other reasons than that you can then keep the warm soil temp and flip all the snow off them at one time and eliminate the wet thawing that poses the most risk.

Can they survive it? Possibly but why risk them if it isn't necessary?


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hamiltongardener(CAN 6a)

I've snow and lower temps that that hit chard and peas before with no problems.

I don't know about broccoli though.

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If you can cover them, I'd do it. You never know exactly how cold it will get - a lot of it depends on your exact location. I lost peas to frost just last year.

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did just that - thanks all!

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