HAVE: 2 New Peonies

casey1gwMarch 15, 2013

Japanese types- Moon of Nippon, white w/ yellow

Sword Dance, red w yellow

Would like something on my want list or an interesting perennial - can wait til spring because it's still cold here

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Sending you a email

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Interested in both of your peony. Sword Dance would be my first pick if I can only get one plant.
Here is what I have:
- Euphorbia wulfenii (seedlings)
- Euphorbia wood spurge (seedlings)
- Large White Calla Lily bulbs
- Blue Sea Holly (seedlings) (have lots)
- Red Raspberry (rooted canes)
- Grape (pink, green, purple fruits - rooted cuttings)

let me know if you see anything you like.

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I sent you an email

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