Recommendations for Stack-A-Pot Color

lexie1397April 28, 2011

Hi All!! I recieved as a gift a Stack-A-Pot that I'd like to fill with summer color. I've taken charge of the entire patio this year, save this planter, which my husband is claiming as his own. However, when we've tried using it in the past, we find that it dries out very quickly (my watering can is a bit absent-minded :D) so the plants need to be pretty durable and/or dramatic about their thirst.

We have a couple places it could live once full... a north facing balcony or a landing by the front door that is exposed to the north and east. The area that qualifies as full sun on the balcony is filling up fast but I can make room, the remainder is part shade to deep shade and has LOTS of room. The front step qualifies as full sun, but has bright shade from 11 am onward in mid-summer.


If it does wind up by the front door, I'd love to have a gentle climber in the top to train on the railing and see if we can't block some of the heat. He'd like to see blue, purple type colors but isn't really picky as long as it's full and lush.

Oh-and I'll probably fill it with leftover organic potting mix from the veggies... sphagnum peat moss, bark and pumice mix from my local garden shop.

Here is a link that might be useful: What is a Stack-A-Pot?

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The blue/purple color would make a nice contrast. You might look into the "wave petunias". Whatever you choose you'll need to keep up on the watering in the heat of the summer, unless you decide on cactus or another drought tolerant plant - "hens and chicks"?

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Let me see if photo bucket is my friend today.

Kathi--crossing fingers!!

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TTT for the original poster to see.

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Wow, Kathi! So glad to see someone has had great success with their pots. I'm also glad to see that some of the plants my husband chose are doing so well in your stacks.

We wound up with both trailing and mounding lobelia (he couldn't decide which would be best), couple colors of alyssum, and a big creeping phlox with pink and white flowers for the top. I decided to keep my mouth shut while he was shopping, so I'm sure they'll do just fine!

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