Medium for citrus trees in smart pots

daniel59April 25, 2013

Hi all, just bought a Moro blood orange, Improved Meyer Lemon, and Washington Navel orange today from Four Winds. I plan on putting them into 7 gallon Smart Pots for the next couple years and they will be sitting directly on dirt.

I plan on using Foliage Pro for fertilizer, but am having questions about which medium I should be using. Was originally planning on using Al's gritty mix, but I fear that with the drainage and breath-ability of Smart Pots, that the medium will dry out too quickly. I have also read here on Gardenweb that if they are in smart pots and on the ground, the ground will act as a wick, pull moisture away and facilitate good drainage. So therefore, can I use another, more moisture retentive medium like Pro-mix?

Anyone have experience with dwarf citrus in Smart Pots?



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