best soil mix for sip containers

littleluey(Zone 9)May 8, 2011

i like to try a couple of self watering containers and i like to know what soil combination will work best, i have read that mostly peat moss is used for the SIP containers but i like more info on that. i plan on having he soil wick the water up,


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Al's 5-1-1 is the best!!!

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Well I don't know what is the best but the 511 isn't the best for self watering containers. try looking for some posts by engineeredgardener or something like that, i think he does a lot of self watering stuff.

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If you search earthtainers you will find posts by Raybo who uses 3-2-1 Good potting mix, bark fines and perlite. Folks at the EB forum tend to use mixes that are mostly peat, with added perlite. Some like Coir. Many soiless mixes will work as long as they wick and do not have manures. LInda

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

I agree. From all I've read about them, the 3-2-1, potting mix(or peat), fines, and perlite works the best. I'll probably make one SWC this year just to try it out.

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littleluey(Zone 9)

thanks for commenting everyone, i will search some more

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