Could I fit & grow 4 Cukes and 2 peppers in my 32 gal Tub?

NoRoom2GrowMay 7, 2012

32" Long

20" Wide

18" Deep

I was going to space 3 cukes 6" apart in one row, and 2 peppers and 1 cuke the same in the second row.

Would this work? Opinions appreciated.

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I would say absolutely yes. That's 5.3 gallons per plant, which is plenty for those crops.

Just for reference, I regularly plant cucumbers (straight 8 is my favorite) at the rate of 1.5-2 gallons per plant. Every year I get all the cucumbers I can use, and then some. This year I plan on putting 4 cukes in a 6.5 gallon square planter with a tomato cage in the middle.

As for peppers, they thrive at 2 gallons per plant from my experience, and they enjoy being a little crowded (sort of like herbs). I know some people disagree with that, but last summer I planted 4 California Wonders in a 5 gallon bucket (which is only 1.25 gallons per plant) and I got about 25 peppers on them (and that is with poor, cheap soil).

The setup you describe is definitely enough for them to thrive.

Check out the photos of the planters I use for cucumbers in my blog I linked below. I get plenty of cucumbers by planting 4 plants per square deck planter (pictured) and you plan on putting 4 in a container roughly 5 times the volume of what I use.

Here is a link that might be useful: Check out the planter I use for Cucumbers; you'll be fine!

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Wow! Nice blog! Thanks for the reply. I feel comfortable with this set up now. I actually have 3 of these containers just sitting in the garage!

Im going to do this set up in 1 and 2 Indeterminate tomatoes in the other.. Probably 6 Peppers (Golden Cayenne & Sweet Hybrids) in the last one.

I am designing a decorative shell for the tubs right now. Some plywood, Finishing moldings, pre-cut wooden designs "Make it Stone" Spray paint and I will have a decent looking DIY deck box.

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