How often do you replant citrus in a pot

paulsiu(5a)May 18, 2011

My sister grows citrus tree in a pot on her patio in the Bay Area. She indicated that it's been in the same pot for several years. She does fertilize it every couple of months using some sort of Miracle Grow blue crystal fertilizer that attaches to a hose.

I don't grow trees in pots, but repot house plants every couple of years, so I was wondering how often does citrus trees needs to be repotted even if it is fertilized?

I was also going to suggest that she try to use a granular fertilizer for citrus because it would be even less work and won't spray fertilizer all over the place.


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Hi Paul,
If it's been in the same mix for several years, than it's probably due to be re potted. Especially if it's in a mix that has a large amount of peat.
Over time, the mix is going to collapse, and not allow for proper air and gas exchanges, which are vital to the tree's vigor and healthy roots.
Alot of the members here re pot their trees 1-2 years.
Below I've provided a link loaded with information that will be a good starting point to understand how tree's in containers are grown.

I hope it helps! It's a good start until others can get here to help further. :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Tree's in Containers

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Paul your sister is in the majority with those growing citrus in containers. Citrus is pretty tolerant of collapsed soil, as long as she is diligent in her water/fertilizer routine. Of course her mix should be changed. I have not seen a timed release fertilizer among those formulated for citrus. If she is using the miracle grow labeled for Azaleas it works OK as long as she does it on a monthly routine, year around. Al

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My sister had been growing her grapefruit which is as tall as her ceiling in the same pot without a transplant for more than 10 years!

She use to just scrape out the top few inches of the mix and then replace it with fresh stuff.

This year it croaked as fast as lightning can hit you off guard.

I change mine out every couple of years or so, unless the plant outgrows their pots.



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