problem with sunflower leaves.

mangomintteaMay 28, 2010

i use miracle grow potting soil to grow all my plants in my container garden.

my 3 sunflowers are about 2 months old and over a foot tall (no head yet). their first set of leaves turned yellow and shrivled up yet they were moist. so i cut them off because i read somewhere it's normal and that's what u should do. but now, the second layer of leaves on all my sunflowers are turning yellow too. one of them has yellow leaf tips with brown spots. another has yellow specks all over the plant like tie dye. and the last sunflower, has the second set of leaves torn and slightly yellow, with one of the leaves having a brown dry spot.

i repotted them about 10 days ago into bigger pots. and according the package, miracle grow feeds plants up to 6 months. i water the plants every other day because to me the soil feels dry by then. theyre in direct sunlight and i don't see any any larva on the leaves. this morning i did see a brown spider on one of them. could it be spider mites?

thanks in advance.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

It SOUNDS like over-watering - possibly over-fertilizing, or both. It could also be a fungal infection if you're fond of wetting the foliage when you water - especially if you water late in the day.

Let the soil dry to the point where it feels very dry deep in the containers - or if the containers are plastic/small, use weight as your guide. You're actually better off to wait until you see the first signs of wilting before you water than to over-water, though drought stress isn't good either - only not as bad as over-watering.

Tell us about your fertilizer program. With what product (specifically - include NPK %s), how concentrated, how often, applied to foliage?


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i forgot to mention that i'm new at gardening. i don't know much about fertilizers. the miracle grow potting soil has some in it already. so, i didn't think i needed to add more for 6 months. in case of fungal disease, i have been spraying my plants with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water because i heard that helps. if i'm doing something wrong..please let me know.

btw, if i added organic fish emulsion to my flowers to perk them up, would that be overfertilizing? maybe the color could back to the leaves?

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I'm sort of having the same problem and I appreciate this advice! I think I am probably over-watering and I am also a new(ish) gardener as well (second year with growing food) and there is a lot of trial and error, but it's so much fun and rewarding.

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