trees in large planters - care advice

gw409(6)May 7, 2013


we have a patio area with 3 large (3 ft diameter ) planters with trees (maple types, red etc.) the area receives limited sun however the trees have done reasonably well over the past 2 years in spite of this.

this spring i plan to use plant tone according to directions and than mulch, is this sufficient or is there something better i could do?

also - my wife insists on planting small annuals at the bottom of the trees in each planter, i maintain that its not a good idea to crowd and rob nutrients from trees which are already restricted by the planter, additionally it makes it more difficult to mulch? any thoughts on this?

thank you

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A complete fertilizer with all 12 minor elements is best. It costs more...but is best. Let the wife have her flowers under the trees. Every 2 or 3 waterings...give them a dilute water/fertilizer mix. If momma ain't happy...ain't nobody happy....

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The fertalizers i have used in the past have been plant tone and holly tone.
What is the name/brand of the fertalizer you are referring to?


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With trees in large planters, the fine point of what to use for fertilizer is a minor problem. It is the mix you use that will cause most of the problem. Any mix will have to be replaced as the organic components disintegrate over time and exclude the needed oxygen, which will cause the roots to be unable to take up nutrients, even the best most complete available. Eventually even the best, longest lasting mix, will have to be replaced, and the roots pruned, a big job for a BIG container. I have just done two and have two more to go. By using the gritty mix this time, I will be able to double the time between repots. Al

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The trees were planted a few years back using miricle grow potting mix. Without going through the process of removing the tree and pruning the roots and refilling with fresh mix, would it be advisable to just remove and replace the soil around the tree?

What do you consider to be the best mix to use and whats its usefull life expectancy? I had never thought of replacing the mix. I have had trees in planters for 5 years which still look good

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