help with plant ID?

ericf(z9 CA)March 9, 2011

Can anyone help me ID the plants in the photo at this URL:


particularly interested in the far left -- there's a plant growing up from the ground to meet one of similar color foliage that is growing down. what are they?

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rosiew(8 GA)

Looks like ice plant, Delasperma. Think it's all growing on the wall containers, and trailing down.

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I agree I think its ice plant. On the top center is platycerium (staghorn fern), below that is tradescantia, below that is helichrysum (either variegated or lime cant tell.). At the top of the right is helichrysum italicum, and the yellow blooming plant is aurinia saxitalis, I believe.

Very lovely planting thanks for sharing it. Are you going to try to build that?

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ericf(z9 CA)

thank you very much.

@drtygrl no, not that exactly. I have a walkway on the suth side of my home, with a fence about 3.5 feet away. Not enough room to plant a hedge/screen. A vine on the fence would be less good as it would impede the walkway. I have a triple window at those point, however, and need some plant life to look at from it -- otherwise it's a view of the neighbor's porch.

So I am putting a couple of rows of these pockets up on the top of the fence (yes, it will hold them). The top row needs to be something tall and upright -- two, maybe three feet. The bottom row should be more compact and bushy, perhaps florid, so that it covers the pockets themselves. You could think of it as a vertical windowbox, except that it's pushed back three feet from the actual window (I have casements, so a real window box would prevent opening the windows). Starting the wall at this height will let me pass below it (with bicycles, trashbins, etc) without bumping into it -- that's the advantage over an in-ground vine planting.

Any suggestions (full sun) would be most welcome!

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I think that sounds like a really great solution for the area you are describing. very thoughtful and creative.

I really cant help too much with plant selections because i am not that familiar with your zone. I did look at the website a little and I like the idea of combining two plants in the top pockets; one plant that will grow tall and one trailing plant. That way you will not only have height but also cover the fabric of the pockets below.

Please post pictures here when you are done with this project - i cant wait to see how it comes out!

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