What kind of potting mix for Avocado tree in container?

sonaliagrawalMay 4, 2009

I just purchased a beautiful 3 foot haas avocado tree from a nursery. Since I am still landscaping this year, I havent found a location to plant it yet. I plan to grow it in a large 20 gallon container for a year, till I am ready to plant it outside next year.

My question is - what kind of potting mix should I use? I typically use Miracle Gro potting mix for most other containers that I have. Is that ok for Avocado tree or do you suggest something else?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

What size container is it in at the present time? 20 gallons seems like a bit of a leap for a 3 foot avocado. Oftentimes, when a typical potting medium is used (like your MG), an overly large container can result in a stagnant root environment.

There is considerable information about potting mixes in this forum. If you spend a bit of time reading some older threads, you'll find all sorts of possibilities. However, the majority of us have learned that by adding some simple amendments to a typical potting medium, you can create something that your plants will thrive in.

The incorporation of pine bark fines, Turface MVP, perlite, and/or similiar ingredients will help you create something that is fast draining, and conducive to a healthy and vigorous root system.

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