adding insulation to 5:1:1?

larrywaltonMay 4, 2011

a guy who lives on my block fills his containers with what is essentially al's 5:1:1 mix, except he skips the perlite and adds quite a bit of loose, blow-in type fiberglass insulation. never heard of loose fiberglass being used as an ingredient in a mix -- would that be smart, or dumb?


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

.... describe the particles please? Any blown-in insulation I've seen wouldn't be appropriate because it lacks rigidity and would compact easily, but it really depends on the physical properties of the particles - how rigid they are and size, primarily. Many think that perlite increases drainage significantly, but its primary benefit doesn't come from it's rather insignificant impact on drainage/flow-through rates, but from reduced water retention resultant from the fact that it takes up space that would otherwise be occupied by small particles and the water that would be trapped between and in them.


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