Having some problems with Tomato & Pepper Plants + Rabbits!

NoRoom2GrowMay 10, 2012

First problem: Tomato Plant Health

One of my Patio Tomato Plants (Burpee) that I pruned bottom leaves & stems off and added potting mix to has turned yellowish and droopy.

Then, 2 of my Golden Jubilee plants which grew pretty well so far are looking like the leaves are shribbling up if that makes sense. They dont look healthy at all. I fertilized them 50% diluted last week. Is it time to go full 8-4-4? (Link to Fertilizer attached below)


I could not find anything specific about Rabits eating Container Plants, but did find a homemade mix I think I am going to try: HOT pepper, Garlic, Black Pepper + Water Blended, strained. Spray on plants then take strained solids and spread around the edges of inside container on top of potting mix.

Any Advice on the above issues would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Here is a link that might be useful: This is the Fertilizer I use at the moment. Every 10 days @ 50% strong

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Bitter apple (available in all pet stores) keeps rabbits away from my plants but you have to reapply it every 4-5 days

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Before making a vegatable garden, I grew peppers on containers on my deck. I had problems with rabbits eating them, and chipmunks digging in the pots. I fabricated some cylindrical shaped fences to slip over the containers, and it worked like a charm. Note though, that you need bees and insects to pollinate, so once you hit flowering, a more open design is beneficial, something wide enough to allow the bees to easily drop in, do their thing, and get out. I find that if you can't elevate your pots out of harms way, that fencing is the only surefire remedy. I'm no tomato expert, so I can't help on that one.


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orchid126(z6, NJ)

You might try spreading a circle of lime around the base of the plants and pots. Rabbits and other critters eat using their paws and they don't like tasting the lime.

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