Container Tomatoes Under Attack! By what?

joebronxMay 22, 2011

I have a half wine barrel planter in which I planted 4 Matamoro Beefsteak plants and one Celebrity Beefsteak. Within two weeks the plants a strong, green and two feet high. The picture of health. In fact the Celebrity has four

ping pong ball sized fruits! All is well until a week later the Celebrity leaves all begin to shrivel and the the fruit

turns "leathery". At the soil level the main stalk has developed a brownish powdery look and small bumps breaking out around it. All the other plants look hale and hearty and continue to grow. What is this condition? Can I save my Celebrity and will it spread to my other plants? Greatly appreciate any help.

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If it were mine I would pull the celebrity out. Either a fungus or a wilt, and your other tomatoes may be resistant. You have too many in the barrel anyway and there is no way to save the diseased plant. Al

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