Have : Medicinals and herbs

mrao77(TX US zone 7)April 16, 2012

I have :

Citronella geranium -cuttings, can root if required.

Vicks plant - rooted plants

Bay leaf- cuttings

Holy basil (Ocimum sanctum) - seeds

Gotu kola- rooted division

variegated lemon thyme -cuttings

Mint- peppermint, spear mint, orange mint and chocolate mint- rooted

I would like to trade for herbs, perennials,vareigated plants or clematis. Please email me with your list.

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thatannagirl(8 (houston))

I have:
Purple Opal Basil seedlings (1 1/2in)
Sweet/Plenty Basil(started the seeds together, so unsure which is which.)(1 1/2in, or rooted cuttings)
Oregano (cuttings or seedlings)
Cilantro (rooted section)
Mint (I think it's sweet mint - started from a friend's donation, not peppermint, don't think it's spearmint, not orange or chocolate mint, so new mint for you perhaps?)
Society Garlic (section)
Green Onions (rooted)
foxtail fern (section)
lantana (seeds or cuttings)
bougainvillea (variegated and non; cuttings)
Purple Queen (section)
Gardenia (sucker, or cutting)
Ipomoea Batatas black heart sweet potato vine - cuttings
Ipomoea Batatas 'margarita' sweet potato vine - cuttings
(sweet potato vine must be brought inside and kept dry when it gets cold enough for the foliage to freeze, this preserves the tubers, and new growth will begin the next spring. If you could get it enough sunlight, it could theoretically thrive indoors through the winter. I don't have a sunroom like that :(
Azaleas (bright pink flowers, suckers or seedlings (cuttings also available), not sure which, have been thriving in a tiny pot for months while I try to pick a place for them in the yard)
If you'd like to include seeds in the trade, that's an option for me. I do need to update my seed list since I participated in a couple of round robins last fall.

Here is a link that might be useful: trade list

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Hi mrao77,

I'm interested in your bay leaf cuttings, Holy basil seeds, variegated lemon thyme cuttings, and any or all of the mints.

I have lavender cuttings, rosemary cuttings, lemon balm (rooted), sage cuttings, feverfew (rooted), horehound (rooted), dusty miller cuttings, and geranium cuttings.(red and purple wax leaf.) I can email you the names: I have to look them up.

My email address is: balletstef@att.net.

I tried to change it on my Gardenweb page, but it kept reverting to the old address.



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I tried to post this with your list under medicinals, but it was rejected. I have a follow up post there with my list of herbs to trade. My email is balletstef@att.net. I'm not able to change my email address on the Gardenweb page.

I'm interested in your purple opal basil, oregano seedlings, cilantro, bougainvillea cuttings, and lantana.

I will also have several varieties of hollyhock seeds in late summer.



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val1(z4 UT)

Sending you an email.

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