patio/walkway on seasonal spongy ground

bsbabeMarch 29, 2012

Need advice on how to put in some sort of hardscape and patio/walkway from house to garage on the area outside a walkout basement door. The house has an engineered above grade basement with back fill to the basement windows and retaining walls on two sides of the walkout door (about 250-300 sq ft). The door

threshold is about three inches above natural grade. The drain tile around the house and sump pumps are directed to the pond a couple hundred feet away and work very well but the ground around the walkout door gets spongy in spring and fall, however no standing water. How can we put in a walkway and hardscape area outside the walkout. Right now there is a homemade treated lumber walk which works but is unattractive and we are getting the house ready to go on the market

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Post a picture (not close-ups) that show the area and the context. To imbed picture here, first upload it to a photo-hosting site, use the "share" feature of that site to locate the html code for the picture. Copy that code and paste it into your message here.

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If you have drain tile in that area then I think putting down a good base material for a paver walkway would only help the water percolate thru to the drain tile, right? You might want to ask a local place that sells and/or installs paver walkways about this. Not a big box store, but a local place where the guy who runs it has been dealing with crushed stone and gravel for a few dozen years.

Does the area get icy in the winter? That's another thing to consider when you choose your materials, get something that can withstand salt or the pet-safe ice melting stuff.

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I don't really understand your pic and the context and situated conditions and the property line well.I try idea pics.

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