Help plants stink!

shadesMarch 4, 2011

Newbie needs some help. I hope this is the right spot to post and someone can offer some good advice....I have a sort of hedge in front of my front porch. It runs for about 15 feet on either side of our front steps and the problem is it has an unpleasant odor. I think it is boxwood and we don't even like opening the windows at certain times of the year. I want to remove it and plant something that will look good and possibly have a nice fragrance...any recommendations...THANKS!

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Yup - most likely boxwood. Under certain conditions it will produce an aroma very similar to cat urine. Not nice!!

If you want a similar looking hedge-type plant, look at Japanese holly, Ilex crenata. These should be good to zone 5, are more tolerant of a range of planting conditions than boxwood and do not discolor in winter. And they have no particular odor, either good or bad.

If you could reveal your zone and sun and soil conditions, there may be some other good choices as well.

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You nailed it with the cat urine smell! I live in New Jersy and the area gets sun about half the day. Thanks for your recommendations! Either one will be a big improvement although if I could get something with a nicefragrant smell I would love it.

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