Container Zucchini: 30% 50% or 100% Compost?

MerryStem(Thailand)May 5, 2011


What percentage of compost would people recommend for zucchinis growing one plant per large container? Right now I'm using 30% quality home compost plus 70% commercial potting mix. The potting mix is quite nice looking and feeling stuff. And the compost makes it look and feel even better. But I have plenty of compost available now, so in the next plantings I could up the amount of compost. Would trying 50% or 100% compost be a good idea?

Thank you for any advice.


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suddensam(10 Boynton Beach)

zero%, plants have little chance with compost in the containers. Something as short lived and fast to produce as zuc or yellow squash might produce before drowning. Good luck.
Plant em if you got em.

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