Curved CMU Landscape Wall

jhamiMarch 16, 2010

I'm going to be putting a couple dry stack SBC landscape walls in my backyard and I have a few questions I would appreciate some guidance with. They will essentially be cutting the corners of the existing block wall that fences in my back yard to make raised planting beds. Between 2 & 3 ft tall (max 4 course of 8" block) on a 12"x6" footer and holding in a fairly small amount of gravel/soil that I fill them with. I live in S. Arizona so no ground freeze and little rain. Looking at 6" wide block. I plan to put on a ledgestone veneer and stone cap so I don't care how it looks. Not using Landscape block because I'm going for the lowest profile (thin and straight) I can in my small yard. Biggest issue concerning me is that it's pretty curved. Tightest being about a 90 degree curved corner at about a 2' radius.

For the questions: Is 6" block wide enough or do I need to go 8"? How close do I need to run vertical rebar and fill with concrete? Should I fill all the voids with concrete? Do i need to run horizontal rebar? With the tight curves, would I be better off using a shorter maybe single cell CMU straight stacked to make those curves (to maintain uniform voids)? How would the smaller block and straight stack effect strength vs running bond? Lastly, what kind of a joint do I need between the existing cmu walls that the ends will intersect? Thanks for any input.

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In my opinion, your materials and construction method is not appropriate for the project. If the total length of the walls will be less than 20 feet, I suggest you look at doing poured concrete. A 6 inch thick poured wall will be much stronger, cheaper, and since the surface would be a smooth curve, the stone veneer will be much easier.

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