substitute Pumice for Perlite in 5:1:1 mix?

jbclem(z9b Topanga, Ca)May 17, 2011

Is it ok to use Pumice instead of Perlite in Al's 5:1:1 mix. I've been buying it in 40 lb bags (called Drystall and sold at horse/farm supply stores). It's a bit more expensive than Perlite, but looks like it would last much longer and it doesn't seem to produce the fine(inhalable!) dust that Perlite does.

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You could replace the peat with the pumice since pumice holds far greater moisture than perlite by two parts and leave the perlite out all together?

You will be the best judge on how quick your mix dries out or how long it stays evenly moist, especially in your climate and depending on how much heat or sunlight/shade your plants will be subjected to.

Some in Arizona use both peat and pumice and have no problem with water retention while others like me would find that a mix like that would stay wet far too long.

Maybe someone could give you a recipe to try out for what you may need to keep it as beneficial to you as the mix does using perlite.

Happy growing:-)


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Yes, you'll have to play with ratios to get the proper moisture retention.
It's hard to guess how much you'll need without knowing the exact characteristics
of both the bark and the pumice.

Hey, Mike ;-)


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