Is a 4 gal SWC big enough for a bush cuke or deter. tomato?

enmnmMay 7, 2012

I have a "Bush Crop" cucumber and a celebrity hybrid tomato. I had planned to put them in 4 gal containers with a water reservoir in the bottom. I realize that many think bigger is better, but I am constrained by patio space. Will this size work? Also, I keep reading that cucumber roots are shallow. Could I go with a shorter (8" or 10" tall) pot?

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I don't know much about bush cucumbers, hopefully somebody else can help you.

5 gallons is what I consider minimum for tomatoes. You're planning on using 4 gallon pots with some of the space taken up by a water reservoir? That's really tough.

Celebrity is not an option (in my opinion). Though determinate, it is famous for a vigorous/explosive habit... it will outgrow the pot within a month.

Focus on the varieties meant for container gardening - Patio, "Bush" varieties, "Dwarf" varieties, Tumbling Tom, Sophie's Choice - you should be able to find much more complete lists with keywords like "dwarf", "patio", "mini", "short", etc.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

IMO 4 gal should be ok. I'd definitely try it. A little bigger would be better, but if that's what ya got, go for it. I grow decent sized tomato plants in 5 gal. containers.

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The smaller the container the more attention will be required with regard to watering, feeding, too much heat on roots, etc. Likely, you will get some tomatoes. I agree that in the future you might want to look into dwarf types.

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