Nutrient deficiency in container identification

Rickster88(USDA14)May 3, 2014

Hi all,

I've been crawling the search engines trying to find the cause for new leave growth to have holes in them. It looks like an insect has eaten away at the leaves but I'm very sure it is not and it is only happening to new growth. I can limit it down to it not being lack of water, lack of sun or abundance of it because the plant has been in the same place and have not seen this before. I also noticed this on my orange jasmines when I did a repot and root pruned.

My fertiliser schedules
Miracle gro 24-8-16 once a week
Espoma citrus tone every 3rd to 4th week

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I had the same thing with my plants...and I was told some kind of flying insect caused it. That insect feeds on new leaves and it does the job very quickly.


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Leaf cutter bees?

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Thanks danbonsai. I'll be on a look out for bees. But I haven't noticed any.

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