WANTED: Wanted: Sweet potato slips / aussie finger lime

sillybugs(z10 FL)April 4, 2013

Mainly looking for sweet potato slips and/or cuttings or seed from Australian finger lime.
would also consider cuttings/rhizomes from some edible plants/fruiting/nuts/figs/banana/buddha hand fruit etc. that would produce in zone 10
basically no chill hours required.

If my plant list here does not interest you, I will also be posting on the seed trade board.
I ship the plants/cuttings in a large bubble mailer or small box using first class if it's under 13 oz., so please take that into consideration. I know for some,the first class vs. priority matters. I try to mail where it is cost effective but we can work out those details later based on the trade weight etc.

I wrap all roots/cuttings, check for pests and mail the same day I package. None of my plants have chemicals or synthetic fertilizers used on them in case that is something you worry about. :-)

Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you! :-)


Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia)

ric-rac cactus (Cryptocereus anthonyanus)

stapelia (small finger thickness variety with deep red/brown small flowers)

1- frangipani cutting (about 5-6 inches long, white and yellow flower)

Pencil cactus (Euphorbia tirucalli)

red crown of thorns

Hawaiian snow bush

Rooted plants/other:

variegated spider plant


White butterfly ginger rhizome

costus woodsonii rhizome

peppermint (small starts about 3" tall)

soap aloe

Misc rooted heirloom tomato suckers (about 2-3" tall)
Could be roma,striped roma, cherokee purple, or tommy toe)

Misc bromeliad pups

sword fern

Rhoeo spathacea (oyster plant)

winter starburst (Clerodendrum quadriloculare)
cutting or stripped suckers

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Australian finger Lime is available here:


Sweet potato plants are available here:


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sillybugs(z10 FL)

looking to trade,not shop.


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