Basic design info for beginners on websites?

thunalataMarch 1, 2011

Hi - newbie here from the UK.

I'm struggling with designing my (small) back yard. Can anyone suggest a website (or somewhere on this website) that leads you through the design stages step by step? I have a paper plan, to scale, I know what the soil is like, where the sun is, limitations (small children, young dog) where paths need to be, lots of info! But I just can't seem to break through and imagine it all a different way from how it already is. I have no vision!

Can anyone help me find a way to get started?

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This is an interesting question that has an easy answer but one many shy away from even more now what with so much available online. A few years back your man Lynford Christie found himself in a similar position although he had more acreage than you no doubt but no matter. What he did (this was told in detail in Gardens Illustrated) was to have a professional designer come out for a consultation. The imagined cost of this freaks people out and Lynford said that he didn't do much of what was suggested anyway but it kick started his imagination and that was worth the hundred quid.

You don't say where you are but I'll bet that you have a garden centre nearby with someone who will come out for free and give you lots of ideas in the hope that you will buy from them and this might work just as well for you.

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Try these links:

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Thank you so much. This is exactly what I need to get started. I have had lots of people give me ideas, but have still found myself all at sea. Wise words about paying a garden designer. I will look into this. Also about paying someone to do the bits I won't do well...

Above all, that first associated content article provides exactly the help I need to get going with my own ideas.

So grateful to you both. Thank you again.

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