newbie 511 mixer and checking for ph

nycgarden(6)May 7, 2012

Hi fellow gardeners,

This is my first year using the 511 mix and I may have overdone the lime (forgot to bring my tbsp. measure and winged it).

Do you check for ph with one of those color strip test, or how would you recommend I verify correct ph for my mix?

Also, if the ph is off, would rinsing the mix help adjust it? I have soil acidifier I could also add.

Thanks in advance,


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Best way I know of before putting plants in is to flush the media with distilled water. If in a pot, plug the holes and let it sit in the water for a couple of hours. Then allow the water to drain into a cup to measure with strips or a pH meter.

If the pH is too high, acidifier can lower it, but the best way is to dilute it with more 5:1:1. Dolomite lime is a pH stabilizer, so may take a lot of acid to lower it. For the most part, dolomite lime will not usually raise the pH over 7, so a bit extra won't hurt most plants. Best pH for soil less though is around 6 for most plants.

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