I Planted Radish Watermelon from Saved Seed

timcad(5)March 15, 2012

A few years ago I planted an isolated patch of Radish Watermelon to save seed from. They were sold to me as an heirloom variety. Since it is a winter radish I planted more in August to get a nice fall crop of them. They were huge and kept well in the ground until mid December.

Today I put out some sprouts as the weather forecast looks good. I know it's early but I am planting in succession and can replant if needed. I think they will be hardy enough to take a freeze or two and still grow a nice bulb before bolting. I found out the tender seed pods taste great. I plan on growing more plants this year and eating more pods than I save for seed. I do not know if radish grows wild around here, my guess is, it probably does. I sure hope these turn out to be true Radish Watermelon. They look and taste awesome.

Here is a pic of my garden. The area covered with straw mulch is were the radishes and carrots will go. Two feet on each end is covered with plastic, that's were the peppers and tomatoes will go, mid May, I hope. The "scaresquirrel" is an old raccoon mount I made back in the seventies.


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mytime(3/4 Alaska)

I'm trying these for the first time this year. I hope they do well in the spring.

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gardenman101(Z6 Spingfield, Ma)

does the stuffed raccoon actually work at keeping critters at bay? If so i may make a trip to the taxidermus (I know spelt wrong,spelling wasnt my strong point...lol)

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mytime -
You should have better luck with it as a spring crop in Alaska. Around here, in the spring, they get about half as big and half as much red starburst in the middle, as in the fall.

gardenman101 -
The first night the mount was dragged about six feet away, so it doesn't keep all of the critters out. I like to think that he makes at least a few squirrels avoid the area, but I don't recommend buying one. They're pretty expensive and would just get ruined outside. I haven't seen any new holes dug up but I think the broken ends of straw hurt the squirrels' feet.

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I put the raccoon into the shed Wednesday evening because rain was in the forecast. Saturday morning was dry and a squirrel had dug where my Sweet Treat carrots were planted. The raccoon came back out and today (Sunday) I heard a squirrel making a racket in the far corner of the yard. He seemed upset about the raccoon being there. I think I will leave him out even in the rain from now on.
On a side note it looks like a pair of hawks has moved into an abandoned rooftop across the street from me. I think they're Cooper's hawks but they seem rather large. It will be interesting if they nest up there.

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