ContainerGardener6May 9, 2012

Is there any experienced container gardeners that can take a look at my blog and let me know if I am doing thing right?

All help is appreciated.

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Welcome to GardenWeb. A lot of help is available on this forum. It would help those wanting to help to know you are gardening in Canada. Where you have "none" in your address, you could put your location in Canada. Al

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I looked at your blog and think you need to post what the growing conditions are like. Are you trying to grow indoors? Tomatoes need lots of light if you want a good crop. Do you have a fertilizer? What kind of potting mix are you using? It looks very heavy/dense in the picture, which isn't ideal. You'll need to repot into a bigger container once the plants get bigger. That would be a good time to put it in a lighter soilless potting mix. There are lots of opinions about the best growing medium. I have used the 5:1:1 mix that's discussed a lot here and I like it but this year I used miracle gro potting mix and I think it's fine for me. Sparta is an indeterminate tomato, so you'll want to get a tomato cage to support the plant once it gets big. Good luck to you!

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