Repotting a blossoming zucchini plant?

netlaMay 6, 2013

Is it okay to repot a blossoming zucchini plant?

I brought one home in a pot (at a guess it takes about 1 liter/quart of soil) last weekend and when I started reading up on the best way to grow zucchini I noticed that the minimum recommended pot/container size is considerably larger than the pot the plant came in.

However, it is blossoming (4 opened blossoms and several unopened buds) and I'm hesitant to repot the plant for fear the blossoms and buds (or even the plant itself) will die.

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prestons_garden(9B SZ 22 HZ 6 SoCal)

You need to re-pot into a much larger container. Just make sure your existing and new container medium is watered before you transplant. That will help reduce transplant shock. Also, try not to disturb the roots or that will prolong the recovery time. Zucchini plants are very fast growing and produce a lot, so don't worry if a few flowers die off.

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Thanks for the reassurance. I've never grown zucchini before and want to do it right.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Exactly as Preston' said. Zucchini are really vigorous and will become huge plants with many more blooms :-)


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Repotting zucchini's is hit and miss. But starting from seed is easy. You should plant some seeds in the larger pot that you transplant the zucchini into. Every year I transplant zucchini into my garden and at the same time plant a few seeds next to them in case the transplant doesn't make it.
Every year the seeded plants overtake the transplants.
Every year I promise not to grow or buy zucchini seedlings again, as they always go to waste, but come spring I want to get a jump on the season and use transplants only to kill them when seeded zucchinis overtake them.

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