Landscaping a new patio space

woodswalker88(6)March 31, 2012

I just finished building a patio and now I have to figure out how to landscape the bare earth around it.

I already have a few seedlings from last year: a maple & oak tree & a redbud seedling. These are too small to really fill the place out. Maybe in 10 years!!

Meanwhile I am trying to figure out what kind of shrubs or groundcovers I can plant, which will do OK now when it is mostly sunny, but won't die off when those trees grow up & the area becomes shady.

if I plant Azaleas or Rhododendron, will it be too sunny for them now? The yard does receive 'partial' shade from other trees that are farther away in the yard. Still they will get a lot of sun in the summer.

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To get some feedback, you need to let people see the area. To post a picture(s) here, upload it to a photo-hosting service (there are many) then, while there, explore the "share" link to look for html code for the picture. Copy the code and paste it in the next message you compose. The picture should not be too close up and don't accidentally get the code for thumbnail size pictures.

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karinl(BC Z8)

I think this is a good opportunity to define the word "landscaping." The patio you just finished building is "landscaping." You scaped the land; you created pathways and places to be for people, water, and plants.

What you're doing now is plant selection for the land you've already scaped.

And a better description of the space will be helpful; but it will probably also work well to go to nurseries and see what plants you can actually get.

Karin L

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