help my front yard needs some tlc..where to begin?

frankm88March 10, 2014

I purchased my house last year and have renovated almost the entire interior. This year my goal is the exterior. I have a few siding contractors coming this week for estimates. After the siding is done id like to dig into my front yard and try and come up with a landscape design. My issue is i do not know where to begin. I know very little about gardening but have no problem getting my hands dirty. Any ideas/thoughts on where to begin? The photo i uploaded is old from Google Earth. Since that photo the green fence and pillars have been removed and i added white vinyl fence partitioning off the back yard at the garage.

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I also have this photo of what the garden looked like last year after i cleaned it up a little.

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First,you need some design,it is important.

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You should increase curb appeal of the house,this is your goal.

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frankm88, The Google picture is not good enough for us to see the layout clearly. It would be good to take a pic from the same viewpoint and another one closer to the house, but still shows it all and a little space at the sides. Also, it would be good to have photos taken from the front corners of the yard that show the view from different angles.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

On the right side, looks like a nice hedge. But blocking the house is some kind of low tree? That's a bad spot for that.

Your big trees are beautiful and will provide shade in summer. Just give them a haircut.

I would aerate and reseed that lawn to make it all nice and green. But, it's a very nice lawn!

I love your planter!

The left side is too overgrown and needs some trimming. We had something at that at this house we bought. It took days to rip it all out, and we still encounter roots, but we get the thumbs up from happy neighbors all the time!


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I would like to see the front door.

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