Ficus tree repot

Hrose(6 A)May 9, 2013

I bought this tree and there is a bunch of roots coming out of the bottom

what's the best way to repot it?

ps the tree looks much bigger in person then in the pictures

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

It looks like this tree must have come from a greenhouse where it got a lot more light than you can provide where it is in your pictures. My prediction is a whole lot of leaf loss in the next month or two, no matter how you repot. Al

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Hrose(6 A)

actually I bought it from an old lady it was placed close to a window she said she had it for 18 yrs

the place you see in the picture is not where I;'m going to put it its going by a window which receives full sunlight all year and out on the deck during summer time

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Hrose(6 A)

out on the deck the dusty leaves needed a good washing

I was reading about the Gritty mix I know where to buy turface somehwre in Brampton and bark at pets mart but no idea where to get granite grit anyone in Toronto area?? have the Gritty mix?

what to do about the roots that are coming out of the bottom of the planter seems like its all stuck together

the plan is try to loosen it up as much as I can then cut open the plastic planter and stick the plant it into the gritty mix in the big white planter

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Hrose, that is a beautiful ficus! I am surprised you did not get more helpful responses. Hopefully this bump will help.

Accidentally, I was just googling how to repot a Ficus Burgundy (rubber plant) I bought last month. I do not think I need to do it this year, but it is my first and so far the only tree, and I am a little anxious about eventually pruning its top and roots. If anybody has any links to info, especially videos and photos, on how to root-prune a rubber plant, I'd highly appreciate them.

Meanwhile, here is a link that may be useful for you, Hrose:

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I am in TO too (Etobicoke), I get granite (actually it's "chicken grit #2") from farm supply store (do not know of one in the city, but you find them in rural areas). Forget exact price now, maybe around $15/50lb bag. I'll be getting some more soon...
Btw, read the link recommended above, I am sure your tree would 'appreciate' some root pruning when you repot.


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