bitzppa(11)May 22, 2013

Hi Guys

this question is aimed mostly at Al but if you can help please join in :)

turface is non existent here ( Australia) except for one place and shipping to me is a killer , so I found this stuff Attapulgite to use instead of turface,

what is the general consensus ?


Here is a link that might be useful: please look here :)

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Hi Bitzzpa

Where do you live in Australia?

I live in Adelaide and am now 18 months down the road with gritty mix - very happy.
I use either Turface or Mt Sylvia Diatomite as the water retentive component.

Regarding Attapulgite, will depend on how high it has been fired (calcined).
Suggest you soak some in water for a few days - if it stays hard should be OK, if it starts to go soft and mushy then not suitable.

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Hi Alan

good to see you.

where did you get the turface ?

I am in the Illawarra and think I just tracked down some Diatomite local at Blackwoods , not sure of the size though so have to go check it out.

the Attapulgite doesn't go mushy that I found, but I was worried it may not be safe health wise for eating plants but found a doc online that said it was ok and its used in some foodstuff's so it must be ok :)

having said all that I want to get away from the Attapulgate finding the best ingredients is a challenge but seems to half the fun :)

have some veggies growing in 5.1.1 and they are doing great so you are right it sure is great growing in pots now, I have been in ground grower and never went near pots as I watched so many people go crazy with them and well this has been fun and sure it will just get better as I find better ingredients and putting them together.

raining hard here today struggling to get out from the covers :)

thanks for the feedback !


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I suggest you get Mt Sylvia diatomite, available in Sydney from Enfield Produce 56 Coronation Pde Enfield, google their website.
I have heard from bonsai growers that the Blackwood stuff is not fired and only good for kitty litter or spills.

I have been getting Turface from Sage in Melbourne as I visit there several times a year any way. Moving more towards Mt sylvia though,
Keep in touch.

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Thanks Alan

on the blackwoods stuff, will have to take a drive up Sydney , there is some bark at Taren Point at BC sands I want to check out see the link below, just have to find some good granite and the right price.

thanks heaps for the local experience it has been fun translating it from US to Australia , but I guess its like they say do the leg work get the rewards :)

cheers for the help !

Here is a link that might be useful: Bark

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Hi Alan

I will explain a bit better what I am doing here, most of my mix is/will be 5.1.1 for veggies, herbs, flowers, outside.

what are you using for the spag peat ? only stuff I can find is 10 bucks for 150 grams and I am not paying that so am going the fine coconut coir blocks from bunnings so far so good with that.

I am just doing a few citrus tree's want some stone fruit but not sure I want to fight the fruit fly off them as well as my tomatoes, so that is really the only gritty mix I will be using.for a few fruit tree's

just made it out check the mandarin tree I put in the gritty we have had a lot of rain like 40mm and it is all in place the Attapulgite is looking like it should its not falling apart, so that's good.

so that was my question if you are doing 5.1.1 what peat are you using ?

cheers again for the help and hope all is well


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I also use coconut coir in the 5:1:1.

Getting back to gritty mix, just want to make it clear - I recommend you get the Mt Sylvia diatomite from Sydney not the Blackwoods product.


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Hi Alan

yep thanks the gritty is from Enfield :)

I found the coconut coir good for getting seedlings up too :) pretty good stuff at a good price.

what percentage of the kleensorb is usable in the gritty per bag ?

thanks hey saved me some time and driving its always good to help hey maybe one day I can return the favour :)

thanks hey.


Here is a link that might be useful: Got it

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The Mt Sylvia diatomite(2-7mm grade) has a higher average particle size than Turface so you throw less away.

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sounds good thanks Alan much appreciated !


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