SWC Fertilizer - Dumb Questions

ehsteveMay 7, 2012

Apologies for the daft questions:

When I put fertilizer in a SWC do I add it to the top or into the reservoir?

Do I add in solid or liquid form?

I'm growing tomatoes, peppers and strawberries. I have most containers set up for organic, but found out I messed them up and plan to switch most to inorganic (I've since learned that containers are a lot tougher to go organic than a garden). I have some MG 18:18:24 handy, which lists a bunch of other nutrients on the side - is that suitable for containers?

I plan to keep one container organic - to see how it does - do I just dig a new set of granules in every couple weeks or so? Or is there more to it than that?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I grow in Earthboxes ( 65-75 quarts of mix) and typically use organic, such as TomatoTone. I lay down 3 cups of the TomatoTone in a strip, bury it by 3 to 4 inches of potting mix and good to go. 2 cups of dolomite lime is mixed in to all the growing medium for each box previously. I supplement with about a teaspoon of Calcium Nitrate in the watering tube every week primarily to prevent BER (Blossom end rot) I have a VERY long growing season and I will usually add some liquid ferts like seaweed later in the season, also in the tube. The idea behine a SWC is that it is a "closed sytem" meaning, unlike a regular container, the ferts do not wash out with rain or overhead watering. Generally you are adding everything the plants need at planting time. Organic ferts will in fact work in a soiless growing medium, although I would agree they break down best in the ground or in dirt. I use them primarily to avoid salt build up associated with chemical ferts as I reuse my growing medium year after year. Linda

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