Hello, all! I found a source in Tallahasse (5-1-1 related)

aharriedmom(8B FL Sunset 28)May 27, 2013

I haven't posted much, if at all, since early last fall, especially in this section of the forum - kids, work, and being in school myself keep gardening to a minimum. However, I'm out of school now and back into my plants (yay!).

Last week, I stumbled across the fact that Tallahassee Nurseries sells their own potting mix - and I went Saturday to check it out. It's really nice, very similar composition to the 5-1-1 (I imagine, my attempts were a bit off), with excellent drainage.

I bought an entire cubic yard for $69, which, in the scheme of time and sifting & sourcing materials, is a terrific bargain. So far the plants I have put in it have shown no signs of transplant shock, and I'm hoping that some that were sort of stagnating will take off.

Anyway, I know that when I started trying to make my own mix last spring, I had a really hard time finding the proper pine bark, and so I thought I'd share with those of you around the Tally area.

Happy gardening!

I hope all of you have been well!

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