Garden Color Scheme?

gardenbug(8b)March 30, 2010

On Sunday I purchased 2 really beautiful climbing roses for my garden fence. The are called 'Polka' an old fashion rose with gorgeous apricot/peach blooms. I have a purple lilac and a blue hydrangea. What other colors will work in my flower bed? Thanks everyone for your help. This is fun!

Here is a link that might be useful: Help me to select flowers for my garden bed?

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I'm new to landscaping, but am an artist.... I love the complementary colors of the peach roses with the blue hydrangea. If I were to add another color it would be yellow to contrast with the lilac. Add white in everywhere else to bring it all together.

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If you check back with your original thread, you may notice that what most posters were really doing didn't have a lot to do with color.

Color is important, but it doesn't come into play before getting the arrangement of things worked out. This forum mostly focuses on the arrangement of things. Some of us do, occasionally, recommend a plant combination, but it's done with fear and trembling. Getting a great combination of plants doesn't make a lot of sense on the landscape design forum, until and unless many other steps have been taken to actually design the garden.

Choosing the colors of plants is a little like picking throw pillows before you've put in the walls, doors, windows, halls in a home. You don't buy throw pillows and then say "I'll build a house to fit these!"

Not that that's what you did ... you have put thought into what you are doing. I'm only bringing this up because you may not get as many responses here on this question, especially because it's sort of the same question all over again.

So, I tried something. I put "apricot" in the search box. 10 hits on this forum. I'm sure some of those won't really be what you are wanting. Really the better place to look are the Perennial forum and Cottage Gardens. Put a color in the search box over there and you'll get tons of hits! For that matter, both of those forums will love your question and won't bother you so much with the design stuff.

And I could be wrong ... You may get a bazillion suggestions here to combine with 'Polka'. I'd go with blues, deep blues, and silver foliage, and some white ...

This sort of sounds ... unwelcoming? Not intended that way. I think you will have fun doing the searches as I described above. I've kept some old threads that describe colors and color combinations and they are great for reference.

Have fun!

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Apricot in search box ...

Landscape Design - 10 hits

Cottage Gardens - 62 hits

Perennials - 84 hits

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joannemb ~ I guess gardening and artistry work together well. Thank you very much for that combination. I love those colors.

wellspring ~ You said, "This sort of sounds ... unwelcoming?" Not one bit. I appreciate you for telling me. How else am I suppose to learn?

I think you are absolutely right. I'm probably getting way ahead of myself. It's only because I am getting excited about planting 'something' lol.

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Thanks, Cadence-
I'm so wanting to garden! Tomorrow the temp is supposed to reach 70. I had to work today, so couldn't "play" outside. Breeze was still very chilly.

So, not yet having enough of a garden fix, I checked in here.

Then I wondered to myself "Will a search on the Perennial forum really give Cadence some leads to follow?"

I checked it out ... "Apricot" mostly pulls up Idyll threads. Not even sure what those are, but it's mostly a particular group checking in on each other.

So I went over to the Cottage Garden Forum. That is a truly fun bunch over there. I haven't a clue whether the link I've put in below will give you any inspiration, because you don't really have a lot of room to play with, but they sure do love orange-apricot-peach and all its variations. your rose even got a mention.

Someone who posts here regularly had this to say about her favorite "orange" plants:

"I'm a big orange fan as well - all shades, including peaches and apricots. They are paired mostly with burgundies, purples and bronzes. Some of my faves are Geum 'Mango Lassi', Phygelius 'Funfare Orange', Agastache rupestris, A. 'Apricot Sunrise', Eremerus 'Cleopatra', an unknown Asiatic lily I call "canteloupe", Rhodo 'September Song' and 'Jelena' witch hazel. And then there's assorted orange daylilies and oriental poppies. And I tend to lean heavily to similar toned roses: 'Just Joey', 'Polka', 'Apricot Nectar', 'Westerlund' and 'Abraham Darby'."

I've put a link to that thread below.

I still think posting your question on one or both of those forums might get you some great suggestions.


Here is a link that might be useful: orange/Apricot/Peach thread

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Cadence, if you think of choosing colors for your garden the same as you would choose compatible colors for your home or your clothing it may be easier. You might also study the color wheel and learn which colors may work best together.

I like a lot of white in a garden because it seems to help other colors to look even better altho not everyone does this.

It's really helpful to me to look at pictures of gardens I like as well as seeing great gardens IRL and taking pictures of the areas I especially would like to copy. Are there good public gardens where you live? Butchart Garden near Victoria and VanDusen Garden in Vancouver are both very inspirational. There are many more but I don't know where you are.

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