New Ideas, maybe a photo shop?

IRuehl(8b-9a, Savannah GA)March 29, 2011

I just moved here, and am in the process of improving the yard. I don't have a large budget at all, so I have done alot of moving plants to make them more of a focal point. Purchased a dwarf early Elberta peach tree, its centered in the boxwood.

The corner of the house has a new dogwood, backed by pink azaleas to frame it out. I also have Nikko blue and endless summer hydrangeas planted in between the center window, and the frames of the house. I don't mind moving things around, so I am looking for ideas from people who got um :)


I am going with black mulch soon, What would look good boarding the boxwood? Looking for something short thats flowers, perennial.

View from the next to the young dogwood into what I hope to be a flower bed. Any Ideas for this spot? I have the Hydrangeas here, its shady and moist.

What I have done so far

Should I extend the concrete into this grassy, and mulch bed where the boxwood once were? They are mud puddles when it rains

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IRuehl(8b-9a, Savannah GA)

Thanks, I have been looking into hostas for in front of the 2 windows. I also planted 2 hydrangea, and 2 hostas. Its a slow going thing. I drew this on my comp as an Idea, what do you think? Helps me visualize what I want to do with it. Thinking about the plants you suggested, and will be doing my research. Thanks you!

I used paint on computer, and drew the dogwood trees over where I planted mine, so I am trying to visualize the garden matured. What would you change? Oh, ha, I hope you can tell my bad paint skills, their are hostas, hydrangea drawn in as well, so I can place them better

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