Flowering Shrub Suggestion (1/4 AM Sun...3/4 Shade)

jmcdmdMarch 11, 2011

I'm looking for a plant to fit into the "corner" of a portion of my yard. It gets a.m. sunshine.... but the rest of the day it will be lightly shaded.

I want the plant to be tidy, dense, and preferrably flowering at some point during the growing season.

I like lilacs, hydrangeas, rose*of*sharon-type(I think the real name starts with an "a"...they look like small hybiscus).....but I'm open to other suggestions.

I plan to plant other perennials or other shorter-type bushes in this bed as well, so if you have any suggestions on some good companions to plant along with the suggested 'plant in question' then I welcome those ideas as well.

Thanks tons.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

I have an old lilac, three rose-of-sharons, and a weigela which get morning sun only; they are located on the east side of the house, which is two stories. [The lilac is actually planted less than 2' from the northeast corner of the house.] They do fine, flower enthusiastically, and aren't leggy -- though admittedly I've never been responsible for any of those shrubs in other locations.

I also have a couple of 4-5' tall camellias which were planted by the previous owner about six years ago. One is a japonica and the other is either a sasanqua or a hybrid of some sort. Until last August, they had only two or three hours of sun in the middle of the day, being shaded in the morning by the single-story part of the house and from early afternoon by two silver maples (the largest of which was cut down then). The camellias were happy with that amount of direct sun; it remains to be seen how they will react to nearly full afternoon sun in the height of summer. [You're only one zone colder than I am, and IIRC some camellias are okay in 6b, though it would probably be better if they had some shelter from winter winds. My japonica is spring-flowering, and a late freeze can damage its new leaves; the sasanqua is fall-flowering and has never had spring leaf damage.]

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karinl(BC Z8)

Sounds ideal for a Rhododendron - will they grow for you?

Is your spot shaded by just a fence, so just on the ground, or also up high? In some parts of my yard where it is shaded the shrubs get sun when they get tall enough.


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I love the hypercium (St. John's Wort) plant. Do yourself a favor and google pics of this plant. The flowers are extremely unique and the foliage is beautiful even when not in bloom. I've had a hard time finding it at the nurseries but will be putting into our new landscape.

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St John's Wort can be invasive in some areas. I know it is here. It took a few years to get rid of it and keep it from popping up here and there every spring.

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karinl(BC Z8)

There are actually some lovely shrubby hypericums (H. forrestii, H. androsaemum, or H. lancasterii) but I admit the groundcover one that I am guessing you are referring to, Aloha, is not my favourite plant (that's H. calycinum). The shrubby ones are rare, though, you'd likely have to mail order; easily enough done.

Oh, and the rose of sharon you have in mind is probably Hibiscus syriacus?


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Rose-of-sharon = althea. Might need a little more light than you describe. I've got a couple of them, and they flower heavily on about 5 hours of morning and afternoon direct light. They are susceptible to a form of cotton root rot, so need good drainage.

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I'm removing most of the established rose of sharon bushes at our house. They send off seeds and sprout up seedlings EVERYWHERE. Look for a sterile variety if you decide on one unless all you have around is grass to mow so they don't get out of hand. I've begun to hate rose of sharon although they are beautiful.

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