puny flapjack plant in gritty mix (pics)

tcleigh(6)May 21, 2012

Hi all-

I transplanted this flapjack plant into the gritty mix about a month and a half ago. I also transplanted a couple of jade trees at the same time, which are doing great in the gritty mix. The flapjack, however, isn't looking so hot. I water it once a week and it's in a moderately sunny window, but it won't perk up. Looks wilty and droopy in general. I pruned it to remove some of the unhappy leaves, but now the remainder of the leaves are going the same route.

Any ideas about how to make this plant happy? I've always treated flapjack plants the same as jades, but this time the flapjack seems to need something extra. How often should I be fertilizing in the gritty mix with succulents? I'm attaching pics for anyone who can offer advice. Thanks a lot!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Something's definitely not right. Here's a picture of your Kalanchoe in the gritty mix performing very well

along with a couple of other succulents

I can say that I've never grown a succulent in the gritty mix that didn't absolutely love it.

Let's look at how you made the soil and what you're fertilizing with. What kind of grit did you use - any supplements in it? Any chance the plant might have been damaged by herbicide drift? - it has that 'look'.

I fertilize & water my succulents in the gritty mix the same as I would any other plant - I fertilize over-wintering plants weakly every time I water, which is usually every 3-4 days. In the summer I try to fertilize everything weekly when temperatures allow, but occasionally it might be 2 weeks between. I compensate by using a more concentrated solution in summer.


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Those succulents are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing pics.

I used a grit called Gran-I-Grit which I thoroughly washed before hand to avoid tiny residual particles. No supplements.

Definitely no chance of herbicide drift since it's located inside a home which is inside a city.

I have not been fertilizing as often as you describe. So I will try to slowly augment the food I give it to see it that helps.

I was worried it wasn't getting enough sun, but my other succulents seem to be doing fine in the same window.

Thanks for the help!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

This one is going to need more light.
Outdoor shade while transitioning, and then into light as strong as that shown in Al's picture.


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