Boxwood hedge (capped with something other than boxwood)

burningmustardMarch 4, 2014

Looking for advice on what to plant directly on either side of my front walkway as it approaches the porch. Right now there are two rows of boxwoods on either side. The inside deads onces have been replace.

I have a little area just in front of the black planters that is nothing but some vinca right now. I planned on just adding another boxwood on either side, but thought there might be something better. Not a whole lot of space, maybe 3/4 feet or so between that last boxwood and walkway. Hope this makes sense.

Any suggestions? Thanks for looking.

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There are other choice.privet,stonecrop,smokebush,hosta...

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I vote for ground cover. What will be in the urns?

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The house looks like it might be nice, but the walk looks like it is the basic utilitarian (only) walk sized for a mobile home. You might consider expanding the pad at the entrance to the full width of the center column span. (The walk leading to it could probably stand widening, too.)

It is not an advantage to make the entrance area between the center columns appear less wide. Placing those tall planters in that space makes the entrance seem pinched, especially if there were plants in them. They are acting as part of a barrier system. I think they'd be better close to the house flanking the porch.

Flanking the entrance to the porch, it would be better to plant something that attracts the view -- like flowers -- and stays low so as not to impede it. If not annuals, then a low perennial perennial or groundcover that blooms for some length of time ... Ajuga being one possibility.

... so as to make things look more inviting.

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Wow ��" Thank you all for your time.

Designonline6, that mockup is great, whole lot of new images in my head.

Yardvaark ��" Thank you for taking the time to make great suggests. The urns will be moving ASAP for their new home this spring, although we have only had them for a season. I do like annuals, for I will prep that area by the front walk this spring. Not sure if widening the walk is in the works this year, but I understand the advantage in doing so.

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"Not sure if widening the walk is in the works this year, but I understand the advantage in doing so."

Understanding is all that's necessary!

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