Ornamental evergreens 2' tall?

dave11March 28, 2011

Can anyone list any ornamental evergreens that stay naturally at 2-2.5 feet tall, will grow in Z6, tolerate full sun, and that are NOT boxwood or yew?

I'm trying to find something not commonly planted/overplanted.

They are for the front foundation wall of a house, that sorely needs it's foundation hidden, but the front windows start 2.5 feet above the ground.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Harbor Belle Nandina? I sure like the plant...but not suitable for my zone. Some say it can be invasive...might want to look into that.

I LOVE my scarletta fetterbush I bought last year....fits your requirements, however it needs partial/full shade. I plan on buying more this year.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

How high is the foundation you're trying to hide? For instance, if your foundation is 12" tall, you'd want the shrub to be at least that tall when you plant it. So then it couldn't grow more than 18" more before it would be too tall.

Plants keep growing till they die. A shrub's listed "mature" height is usually the average height at 10 years; dividing that by 10 will give you the average vertical growth per year.

So buy something that grows slowly, trim it once a year, and plan to replace it when it gets too tall.

I have a bunch of dwarf mugo/mugho pines (Pinus Mugo 'Pumilio') which provide some evergreen structure for a large flowerbed that gets full noon and afternoon sun. They're described as "prostrate" and "spreading;" mature size is supposed to be 2' tall x 5' wide. I'll begin to do some pruning to their tops in a few years, because I don't want them to be much more than 2'. They would be fine in your zone. Not too exciting -- no fancy color -- but I like them and they do their job.

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