HAVE: Daffodils for Daffodils

connietnApril 4, 2014

Hi all,

I have some extra "Geranium" daffodils that I'd like to trade for other daffodils. Three trades of ten each.

Looking for named daffodils I don't have in shades of soft yellow to white. I could send you ten for ten, or ten for your two groups of five.

They are blooming now - I think I'd what I'd like to do is wait until they're finished blooming, then dig them and ship to you with the green on. You can replant them in your garden with the green and hopefully they'll bloom for you next year. I would like the same from you.

Included a photo of Geranium from wikipedia. Let me know if interested by replying to this message.

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I have Thalia and Ice Follies for trade. Although they are flowering size, the Thalia bulbs are small in size. I just want you to know ahead. The ice follies bulbs are naturally large size. If you are interested, I would like to trade for 20 of your daffodils bulbs. I can provide pictures of the flowers when they bloom.

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That's a deal, kousa! :) I've been wanting Thalia for a while, so I'm especially excited about that. Will you package them separately so I'm sure not to get them mixed up?

Send me an email with your address. We can trade whenever we are both ready, after they have bloomed.

Ten Geranium daffodils still available for trade!

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Does anyone have Misty Glen, by any chance?

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I have a few Misty Glenn, Tete te tete, and several others to trade. Let me send you a private email with what I can offer. I too would be interested in 20. What other varieties would you have? flowersbytheriver2@comcast.net

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Yes, send email please! I could do 10 Geranium, and I think I could also do five each of Actaea and Cassata.

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Great, check your email........looks like a trade! Thanks

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I know you may not have any left now, but if you are interested I have lots of paper whites in my horse pasture. They are blooming now in sunny locations and not yet in bloom in slightly shadier. They bloom later than all of the rest of my narcissus. I'm always looking for flowering bulbs and tubers I don't already have that suit my zone and soil.

I really need to make a wanted and trade list!

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All 30 I had to trade are spoken for, but if for some reason something doesn't work out I'll let you know. :)

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