Anyone else enjoying the spring flush of Winterbor kale?

laceyvail(6A, WV)March 28, 2012

I grow Winterbor as much for the spring flush, coming in now, as for the fall/winter growth. Winterbor overwinters and in early spring sends out growth from the nodes where the old leaves met the stem and from the very top. The little buds look like small broccoli. You can eat the entire thing, leaves, stems and buds. And it tastes like sweet, young broccoli, not even like kale. It's a fabulous source of spring greens.

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Well, as usual I have been enjoying the early flush on the over-wintered russian, except it's even earlier than usual. The warm dry late winter has encouraged aphids here.

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The deer ate my kale, but they missed the collards, which are bearing delicious leaves with flower buds soon to follow.

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jayco(5b NY)

Yes! We planted Starbor last summer, it's overwintered, and we've been enjoying the baby kale. You're right, it definitely tastes sweeter than "regular" kale, and it's wonderful to have such an early crop.

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Ack! I pulled all of mine last Thanksgiving weekend and fed it to my poultry. I said to myself, well, it's been an unusually warm and wet summer and fall, we'll probably have an exceptionally cold winter and it's just going to die anyway.

Joke's on me!

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I have Siberian & Italian - the Italian is bolting now; and some of the Siberian is starting to as well, but I'm still getting a lot of good kale from last fall's planting.

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That's the sustenance from the garden right now, and the beauty of kale, which otherwise gets beaten by collard in every respect. I have three beds, and one has been picked a second and third time. There is also a lot of sorrel, chicory and radicchio pushing up to go to seed, and garlic shoots. There is abundant wild dandelion. I have got to finish those winter roots so I can completely concentrate on the greenery.

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