WANTED: Apple Scions

JoppaRich(7b)April 22, 2014

I planted 30 geneva 30 rootstocks this spring. I was told that it would be fine to plant these in the spring, and then graft them later in the summer when they'd settled in and were growing.
Unfortunately I didn't realize that I should get the scions a month ago and keep them in cold storage. I figured they'd be available later. (new to this and all, don't know any better)

So, I'm looking for scions for trade, for sale, for cost of shipping, whatever. All of the online places seem to be shut down for the year. Its a lot of trees, so I'm not looking for anything specific at this point - I'm sure there's plenty of fantastic apples that I've never tried.

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I have a lot of fuji and a few honeycrisp if you want. All I ask is that you reimburse me for shipping. I can send you 50 stems from my fuji tree but they have already begun to leaf out. If you want it fast, I guess you should consider having them sent priority mail.

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I can offer Dudley Winter, WInter Fameuse and Milden.

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chrisware(5-6 wv)

I would wait and graft next year, after your root stock has really had a chance to develope a powerful root system so that they can really pump the juice up to the grafts. We graft apples and pears, and always wait at least a year with rootstock.

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