Have lots ready to trade

casey1gwApril 5, 2012

agastache 'blue fortune'

carex 'ice dancer'

carex muskimensis (palm sedge) both good for shade

chocolate eupatorium

euphorbia amygdaloides robbia(shade ground cover)

helianthus microcephalus (small head sunflower) butterfly magnet

heuchera 'tiramisu' (special trades)

honeusuckle vine (yellow flowers)

iris tectorum (Jap. roof iris)

iris siberica 'caesar's brother'

iris laevigata

lysimachia ciliaita 'firecracker'

petasites gigantia

pineapple mint

salvia pretensis haematoides 9dark blue)

spirea japonica shirobana (12")

spirea japonica gold mound (18" nice size)

stachys hummelo

tanicetum niveum 'jackpot'

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I would b interested in trading for your two spireas, pineapple minnt, tanacetum & heuchera. You can check out my tradelist & if u want to trade send me an email. Thanks

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I'd be interested in your petasites gigantea-
I have lots of Cannas, Elephant Ears, and Bananas, if any of those interest you.

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Answered your email... let me know...

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I'd be interested in all of your iris varieties. Have many things to trade simply let me know what you might be interested in based on my list. Thanks!

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I'm interested in stachys hummelo,
tanicetum niveum 'jackpot',lysimachia ciliaita 'firecracker'
petasites gigantia

Please check my list.


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trish_ca(CA 8)

I am interested in your Japanese roof iris if it is still available.

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I am new here but interested in your petasites if they are seed. I have numerous rhipsalis species I could send cuttings of as well as cuttings of dragon fruit or pups from a kalanchoe mother of thousands.

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