Suggestions for quick and easy curb appeal

tidenvaMarch 26, 2014

Please provide some sketches/drawings/photo wizardy with some recommendation to add some quick and easy curb appeal to our colonial home in Virginia. The front of the house faces W/SW, so after noon-1pm, the entire front gets a lot of sunlight.

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If you are looking for suggestions for the overall yard, there is a great deal of road frontage that is missing from your picture. If you are looking for suggestions for the foundation planting only, then you're going to need to add a closer picture (centered on the door, preferably) that shows the foundation planting and a little space to each side. I can tell you now that the confined walkway does not seem appealing to me. Also, it would be nice if you had some large shrubs that help screen some of your neighbor's property/open garage door.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Not sure what grows in your zone, and not sure why you want quick and easy curb appeal... Selling?

If that is your reason, repave the driveway, reseed the lawn and edge it perfectly.

THEN, add color. Common Geraniums do the trick. Make it warm and inviting.

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Yes, we are selling in a couple of months. Not wanting to do anything major (even though I agree with the narrow walkway.) If there is a somewhat simple way to make it better I will do it. I will take better pictures tomorrow. Thanks for the help.

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If you're selling soon, no need for other pictures. There's not anything meaningful you can do in such a short time that can't be seen in this picture (in terms of planting new plants.) But consider adding some window box planters with lots of heaping color to the porch railing, and color near the entrance (of a color that reverberates from a distance.) It would be important to always keep it in top condition, so if there will be a problem with watering, consider using fake flowers.

I don't agree that you should re-pave the driveway, but i definitely think you should re-coat it with fresh black topping. It is a predominant feature of the property and right now it looks faded and worn.

Keep everything thing tidy and trimmed.

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Absolutely agree with Yard, add nice blooming flowers, hanging, pots, ect.. and just keep it clean. Power wash the driveway, touch up paint if necessary. Now isn't the time to be planting anything new, just perfect what you have and supplement with nice blooming flowers.

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I would put hanging baskets on each bay of the porch with colorful flowers. Maybe yellow Lantana as it tolerates heat and doesn't require as much water such as geraniums.

Clean up the driveway from the sand/mud that is near the garage.

Move the trash can around the corner of the garage and may put up a screen with a planter in front of it - something along the lines of the below. Fill it with colorful flowers.

Clean up the exterior - a light power washing to make the house, trim, and porch look clean.

Remove weeds

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Additional pictures...

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