1st Container Garden - Ideas/Shallow-Rooted Plants Zone 5??

bosewichte(7a/8b)May 24, 2009

I'm a total newbie at container gardening!

My husband is building me three 4ft by 4ft container gardens that will sit on concrete. The gardens will have a depth of 11 inches. I live in zone 5. What are some popular flowers and veggies that are grown in containers? Maybe that sounds like a broad question but keep in mind I only have 10 - 11 inches to work with and then roots will hit concrete, so I assume that I have to stick to shallow-rooted plants. Would love to grow as much as I can so would welcome any input! I plan on planting the first week of June. Thank you so much!

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That's more than enough room to grow anything you want. Just have trust in yourself and remember their only plants. If you kill a few there's plenty of people here to tell you what might be wrong. Gardening is for the enjoyment not the worry.

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I grow just about everything from Tomatoes to Brussel Sprouts in 9-1/2" of soil in 3'x1' containers.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

You certainly have enough soil, but if you're growing on concrete that's in full sun, you may have some problems with soil temperatures getting too high on the warmer days of summer, especially at the perimeter of the bed.


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Thank you so much for the input! I was worried that I would be limited due to the depth. I'll keep an eye on the temps and be sure to give it an extra watering on hot days. I'll post pictures...in a month or so, since I'm growing from seed! ;)

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I'ne been container/patio gardening for years,but in warmer & sunnier zones. I'm moving to Zone 5an I'm going to need an entirely new strategy and support team
I hope all of you will give me the guidance & education I'm going to need!

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There's no lack of support here! I'm in zone 5, and I'd be more than happy to help! There are many good points to gardening in the north, and a few bad ones... but aside from our cold winters, which are good for growing plants that require a cold dormancy, the other seasons are wonderful!

Let us know when you get to zone 5, and we'll be here to help!

I have rather shallow raised beds for veggies... I grow bush green beans, short carrots, tomatoes, pea pods, zucchini, cucumbers, onions, peppers, okra... you name it! Just remember that the edges, especially, will dry out faster... keep an eye on moisture content. It's entirely possible to grow kind of shallow... the roots simply go in a different direction under the soil, spreading out horizontally rather than growing quite so vertically.

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Lots and lots of things can be grown in your size. I agree with Al that heat might be a problem with concrete. You can keep the ground cooler by spraying with the hose on hot days.

I grew many things in shallow pots and flower boxes. I grew larger vegetables in deeper containers.


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