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haricot.vertMay 16, 2014

I'm trying to bring a little cheer to the windows of my apartment and would like some advice/opinions. We're in Paris (France), so the equivalent of zone 8. The windows I would like to place the containers at are in the shade the majority of the day but facing a fairly bright courtyard. We're also planning on bringing the containers indoors for the winter.

I've zeroed in on what I'd liked to plant based on the above conditions but I'm wondering if these plants will all work together in the same container. Here's the list of contenders based on what's available in my area:

Coleus 'combat'

Heuchera 'obsidian'

Heuchera 'electra'

Creeping jenny 'goldilocks'

Double impatiens musica 'pink aroma'

Would these plants work ok for the conditions I mentioned? Am I being too ambitious putting this many varieties of plants in a container? Could these guys live in harmony together? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

I definitely think those plants could grow together in a container in bright shade and dappled sunlight. The only limiting factor would be how big the containers are. I routinely grow 3-5 annual flowering and foliage plants together in hanging baskets that hold about 4-6 liters of potting mix. You need good drainage and regular fertilizing to grow that intensively. I would go for something fairly wide and at least 8 inches (20 cm) deep. I am not sure they would last more than one season though. I've never had luck growing any of those indoors in less than full sun even though they handle bright shade well outdoors.

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