How much will this small project cost?

editornj(7 Coastal NJ)March 30, 2011

Forgive me. Even though I'm very slightly handy, I don't know the first thing about pricing.

How much do you think it would cost me to construct a fence and gate like the one in the link below?

I have 27.5 feet I'd like the fence to run. I don't need it to be too high. Just high enough to keep children in. I guess the gate should be about 4' wide. I'm thinking I need four 5' pressure treated 4x4s and two 10' ones.

I plan to grow some vines on the wire (or nylon?) mesh.

And by the way, I plan to take the thing down in a couple of years. It's just to easily keep track of some kids in the yard... don't want any wandering during a diaper change.

Must I cement the posts?

I have all the tools and saws and a hole digger. Thanks in advance!

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editornj(7 Coastal NJ)

Here is the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Inspiration for fence/gate

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karinl(BC Z8)

I think you can get away without cementing the posts. The key issue is drainage if you want the posts to last any amount of time. They will stay up if you pack around them well. If your posts are good, you can change out what forms the actual fence at a later date.

As for the cost estimate, I think a half hour in the local building centre (or on its website) with a notepad will serve you better than any estimate the forum can come up with.

I will say that any self-respecting child may try to climb mesh where the holes are big enough for feet... so I'd go with a small mesh.


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