happs(Arizona)March 21, 2012

I have two large west/northwest facing windows and despite having both of them tinted and 90% solar screens placed on them (which has cut down on the heat), the bright afternoon sun still shines through the windows in a blinding fashion. I don't have room in my backyard for large shade trees and they also wouldn't fit through the side gate.

I have considered retractable awnings, but they seem cost prohibitive ($2000 for a 15ft wide by 8ft deep section non-motorized) and I don't think they would hold up well in an summer monsoon, should you be out one evening and forget to retract the awning. An umbrella or a Coolaroo structure is too permanent and could be damaged by the monsoons if you forget to attend to them.

What do you all suggest as a maintenance and worry free method of sun control for west facing houses? For those that have retractable awnings, how have they held up to storms and heat? I see used awnings for sale at 1/3rd the cost of new, but don't know how transferable they are from one house to another.

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Can you add a sturdy ramada or a vine-covered trellis? How much room do you have?

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I know the problem TOO well!! I have south facing windows where I am patiently waiting for decidious tiny trees to grow up because it is so darned hot and windy. I have plans to build a largish arbor on the south side of my house and train wisteria up it. A fabric awning would easily get ripped to shreds in the wind here and the sun would make it toast in no time. For something very temporary, you might consider a fabric awning that attaches with velcro so the strong winds could blow through. One of my neighbors built a thick wooden wall in front of his windows that was done with 4x4s in concrete and then nailed 1x6s clear up from the bottom to the top in front of his window while he waits for tree to grow...

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A trellis with louvers, like a louvered closet door. It would allow air circulation, and some light, but block the glare

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