Rain washing out my garden!

mcbrayer25(8)March 9, 2012

New to posting here!

I have two flower beds that run along the back side of my house. We don't have gutters on the back part of our house so the rain water rushes off the roof and washes out my mulch and flowers.

Our back porch separates the two flower beds. On one side I have a bird bath that I placed under the runoff to deter the water from causing a wash out. But on the other side I'm not sure what to do. We don't really want to put in gutters.

I was thinking that maybe a small creek bed would help or a rain barrel. I just don't want it to look hideous or take away from the flowers and shrubs that I have in the beds.

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It sounds to me like the only solution is gutters. Even if you want to use a rain barrel you'll need gutters to funnel the water to it. Why don't you want to install gutters?

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I have the EXACT same problem!
We aren't installing gutters bc we're renting...
1 idea I had, and worked out pretty well! was to add a hardy slower growing ground cover to just the "center" sections...where you can REALLY see that nasty drip line!
Also..around a corner garden I have, with some more, precious plants, I got some brick/rock/etc...crushed/whole...built up around main root structure area and covered all with soil.
Was very surprised to walk out my front door yesterday and see 2 blooms!
These 2 things have worked well for me. I live on The coast of NC..we get a bit of rain!
(One day...gutters...one day...lol)

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Well now that explains why you don't want to install gutters!

If I had that problem, I'd have to move my plants further out so they weren't getting washed out.

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